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Components of Best Real Estate CRM - Sales and Marketing Automation by ANAROCK Technology

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As technology dominates every aspect of modern-day business, the real estate domain has also evolved and grown with the advent of technological tools and innovations. The nucleus of any real estate business is its CRM software that helps agents engage better with customers, perform several crucial sales functions, and improve productivity. However, the role of real estate CRM software has grown beyond these basic functions to include cutting-edge features that automate and simplify tasks. It’s time to relook and rethink what makes a good real estate CRM and here’s our take on what are its key components.

Sales Automation

The primary goal of sales managers is to maximize sales but they often get tangled with the minutiae of reporting and other basic tasks. When a real estate company is choosing a CRM, it should seek solutions that automate tasks. Here’s how a high degree of sales automation can be achieved with these exclusive features:

Mobile Applications for Sales Managers best real estate crm

  • Call History: In an ideal real estate CRM, call history to systems should not create friction or fatigue for data entry. ANAROCK Technology’s Sales Managers App automatically logs all calls into the system, with actionable after every call. This unique feature ensures that your managers have moved onto the next task right after the call and goes a long way in improving their efficiency.
  • Information Sharing: The project sharing features in our apps helps share project information with customers with just one click. With all information available in the app, no time is wasted in keeping the customer informed and engaged.
  • Lead Distribution: Lead distribution is smarter with apps created by ANAROCK Technology. Sales managers get distributed leads with visual cues and context including sources and some information about the customer. For example, has the user seen a newspaper ad or a hoarding? This feature helps sales managers get vital insights about their customers and cater to their specific needs.
  • Lead Management: With a matured algorithm derived by understanding 2 million real leads, the Team Leader App helps catch any missed opportunities amongst the huge stack of leads being worked upon by the team. The application alerts the sales managers about upcoming calls or meetings and makes it easy to note feedback after each call. Internet or server Issues don’t stop the app as it is capable of working in offline mode.

Marketing Automation

This component is crucial for any real estate company to assess their campaign performance and marketing initiatives. At ANAROCK Technology, we have fully integrated our eco-system with Google and Facebook marketing solutions in real-time. This feature empowers you to get visibility for Cost per Site Visit (CPSV), and Cost per Booking (CPB) in real-time.

Real time visibility on Cost per Site Visit and Cost per Booking

  • Budget Management: Our apps help you manage budgets better by comparing plans to actuals. You can create a budget and the system will keep updating you with numbers and current output as compared to the plan.
  • Alerts and Insights: We have created tools for triggers for important metrics, such as CPSV from a particular medium, CPB overall, which source has performed, which source should be activated for better output. These alerts and insights go a long way to improve productivity.
  • Segmentation: Our apps enable you to have automated buckets of customers at various stages of life journey, like leads, site visitors, buyers, qualified leads, etc. You can then send these buckets as an audience on Google Adwords and FB Business Manager to boost your next campaigns from the start. Furthermore, you can send automated scheduled emails and SMSs to these buckets.

Automated Reports

Automation is the key to achieving higher productivity. ANAROCK system is capable of scheduling reports at specific intervals. You can easily find 40+ predefined reports that are ready-made reports that show useful data, such as events activity, and sales value generated statistics.

Custom Dashboards and Automated Reporting Real Estate CRM

Smart Technology

ANAROCK technology has been powering all its products with Smart Technology across all tools. These solutions keep you constantly updated on all essential data while prompting the next actionable. Thanks to smart features built into apps such as Sales Managers App, CP Sourcing App, and Team Leader App, you can count on your mobile phone to manage multiple tasks for you. From follow-up reminders, sticky notifications, and cues to remember events, smart tech helps real estate professionals perform more efficiently and manage their leads in a better and systematic manner.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile-based apps are proactive systems that are ideal for sales managers who are often in the field and may find it difficult to operate a laptop or desktop. They perform the role of assistants to your managers, available to them 24X7 on their mobile devices, even in offline mode. Here’s a look at mobile apps developed by ANAROCK Technology:

  • The Sales Managers App is based on feedback from 3000+ real estate agents. With a matured algorithm derived by understanding 2 million real leads, helping sales managers become up to 40% more productive and efficient.
  • With the help of the CP Sourcing App, developers can have more efficient and meaningful interactions with multiple channel partners. The app is designed to profile each CP and streamline their work.
  • Team Lead App, monitors every lead in real-time and alerts TLs when the team has missed some opportunities on leads.

Technology holds the key to survival in today’s highly competitive real estate environment. In the months ahead, Smart Technology and Mobile Platforms are some of the key trends that are likely to dominate CRM systems and could prove to be the X factor for your company to grow and thrive.

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