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How Tech Marketing Solutions improve RoI in Real Estate

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What is the one riddle every developer wishes he could solve - is the marketing spend giving the most site visits or not? Cost per Site Visit (CPSV) and Cost per Booking (CPB) remain high even as developers burn cash on elaborate marketing campaigns. But do these high marketing spends necessarily convert into higher sales numbers? Better mileage for marketing dollars and higher visits for the same marketing spends continues to elude many real estate players. But, what if a developer could get a 50–100% increase in site visits without any other variable changing? It’s an achievable target as better value for marketing spends is rooted in better synergy and coordination between marketing and sales.

Even with the common goal of generating revenue for the company and their interdependence, sales and marketing often remain disjointed and disparate functions. Marketing’s role is limited to generating leads that sales can then convert. To maximize marketing spends and getter value for CPSV and CPB, there must be constant and seamless feedback from sales about which leads are working and which aren’t can yield better results. Only then can marketing optimize their channels and thus give a better ROI in the long run.

Real-time Feedback Enabling Marketing Spend Optimization

An integrated CRM solution by Anarock Technolgy leads to 28% higher ROI

Collaboration, communication, and strategic processes are indispensable to any marketing and sales team. ANAROCK Technologies helps you connect your marketing channels to the in-house CRM in a seamless fashion. To create better synergy between both teams, we have built our marketing processes in such a way that the marketing teams always have real-time visibility into feedback by sales for every lead generated.

With this information, the marketing team can ensure that every marketing channel is optimized for CPSV and CPB, and not on Cost per Lead (CPL).

With the right keyword and adset capabilities, our marketing solutions are focused on CPSV and CPB resulting in creating better value for your marketing spends. ANAROCK Technologies enables your marketing team to ensure that the CPSV from a certain channel is the lowest and there are maximum overall site visits. Along with real-time alerts, our spend analytics also helps developers achieve higher conversions.

Spend analytics at a granular level that leads up to 50–100 % more visits— Anarock Technology

User Segmentation to Drive Higher Conversions

The marketing solutions offered by ANAROCK Technology are not limited to just optimizing channels based on sales feedback. They go much more granular.

Among all of the campaigns running on any of these channels, teams are able to identify the campaigns which are giving the most ROI (lowest CPSV) and then double down on these high-performing campaigns while discarding the less than stellar ones.

Using ANAROCK Technology’s solutions, the ROI from marketing channels is usually 50–100% higher than developers who don’t have the real-time sales feedback mechanism. This is the result of the strategy that creates segments of users and focuses on specific channels to cater to each segment.

ANAROCK Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of products to cover every stage of the sales cycle. You can get started with the trail of these products for free. Click here to know more.

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