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A suite of products to help revolutionize the whole sales cycle in real estate industry.

Real Estate Business Solutions
Agents App

Agents manage their leads and day- to-day activities.

An offline ready app that helps agents in managing their leads, communicate with clients and track their performance.

Some of the features include document sharing, call tracking/recording, event notifications and instant connectivity.

agent app
Project Dashboard

Realtime performance visibility.

The project dashboard provides a detailed visibility about what's happening on the site and the leads.

You also have access to an eye on the whole sales cycle in addition to agent performance.

Team Lead App

Quick Action from Team Leads.

An app for team leads that helps them in taking quick actions on each lead without scanning and analysing reports.

It makes sure that each and every lead gets attention.

tl app
Site Digitalization

Less paper work on Site Visits.

We replace your paperwork with a digital and smoother solution. It ensures the lead is automatically transferred to the agent's app.

Some other features include source capturing, OTP based channel partner tagging, fair distribution of visits and real time notifications.

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