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Frequently asked questions
What's unique about the products?
We are a real estate focussed product company, innovating and bringing modern tech to real estate. All our products are tested over more than 300+ launches. We don't just build for you, but for our own use as well, with a promise of definitive increase on the investments.
Where is the my data stored and who can access it?
All servers and databases are hosted in your cloud infrastructure, with access only with your team. Any upgrade or maintenance activity is done under your team's supervision.
How much time does it take to go live?
We can get you up and running in 2 - 3 weeks, with full support from your end.
Do I pay for new features or customizations?
We understand every business needs to evolve with time and that growth should not be limited by financials decisions. You don't pay for any customizations to existing set of features, all our upgrades and customizations are 100% free.
Will the cost go higher, if my sales team grows?
Technology cost should not be a factor when you onboard a new team member, our plans make it possible for you to have unlimited licenses in the same cost.
What support do I get?
We work closely with you and assign a dedicated account manager responsible for your success, with a relevant escalation matrix in place and support on WhatsApp and email.
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